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Paul Grant (1943-2019)

Paul Grant Joyce Renwick.jpg

Paul Grant and Joyce Renwick


Paul Grant was born in Louisiana, and if memory serves,  was working in a vinyl store near the corner of Connecticut Ave, NW and K Street in the mid 70s. I worked as a messenger at a law firm near there and would pop in on my way home. A few years later he reminded me that we’d already met. By then he’d cut his hair and was living with Joyce Renwick.

Paul was never very active on the scene, his readings were few and spaced over years, but he did righteously submit to all sorts of literary  journals. He also had a couple of chapbooks published. I’ll see if I can dig up the titles.

In the 80s he worked for Phil’s Type.



1969       (Gallowglass Press, DC)


Grant 2.jpg

Program to a 1984 Foundry Gallery Art Show with Paul Grant’s Cornell-like box



Grant 2.jpg


Ed Zahniser has written a great profile of Paul here:



Click to access 239204_GNP_Winter19_web.pdf

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2 thoughts on “Paul Grant (1943-2019)

  1. I lived in DC for five years, N.VA for 30.. often performing there as storyteller.. during that time I wrote for local newspapers, published some poetry..since moving to NC fifteen years ago, able to work more on my own projects, have had many poems appear in journals, one chapbook, four women’s fiction, many short stories, a collection of short stories, and four children’s books come out thru small publishers..I would love to be featured in literary dc Happy New Year Sent from my iPad Joan Leotta Author, Story performer


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